Work Better with Managed I.T. Support

We've encountered many businesses over the years relying on a 'break-fix' approach to their IT because they believe it to be cheaper. Sadly, this is generally not the case once one factors in the cost of avoidable downtime. By taking a proactive approach and monitoring your network resources 24x7, we can detect and remedy (often before you're even aware of the issue) most business-threatening scenarios, helping you continue to work for your customers, whilst potentially saving you a stack of cash in downtime-costs at the same time.

24/7/365 System Health Monitoring

We check your system for things such as disk space/health, memory usage and CPU, as well as keeping an eye on the event logs for you. We can check your backups and the status of your anti-virus. We do so, as many issues that otherwise get reported to us are secondary, having been caused by something else...something underlying that could have been detected with our monitoring system to prevent the issue ever causing an interruption to work in the first place!

All of our monitored IT Support packages include a generous discount on any chargeable work, helping you further keep costs under control, yet at the same time giving you the peace of mind you require to focus on running your business, with our state-of-the-art monitoring solution keeping all who need to know alerted.

With this monitored IT Support service, when we detect an issue via our 24x7 IT Monitoring Infrastructure, we can either proceed and resolve this for you (you can agree a monthly works limit with us if you prefer) or we can alert you and ask you whether you would like us to proceed with a fix.

24/7 Health


Support Rates



Support Response*

Fully Managed Business IT Support

This includes everything in Monitoring (above), plus fully inclusive remote support, consultancy and the extremely popular Employee Advantage scheme so you can offer your staff great value IT services on their domestic IT issues. With a clear, simple and manageable monthly cost, no unexpected surprises...

Fully Inclusive
Onsite & Remote Support^^^



1 Hour SLA***


System & Software Updates

We can also include a wealth of other service as part of this single manageable monthly arrangement, such as:

  • Included Office365
  • Included Hosted Exchange
  • Web Hosting and Domain Registration
  • Universal Threat Management Gateway
  • Perimeter Virus Scanning
  • VPN's
  • Connectivity
  • Spam filtering
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Application Control (To block things like Facebook)
  • Intrution Prevention
  • Inclusive Backup solutions
  • Enhanced Desktop Recovery
  • Managed WiFi Systems for Public Spaces, Pubs & Office

Tailored IT Support

IT Support Configuration Wizard

Submit your bespoke support request

*we will prioritise your issue above users on break-fix support. **Subject subject to our full terms, for 'Support' this will be telephone based, for 'Support Plus+', this can be onsite. ^Above a certain commitment level, we will include our chosen anti-virus system free of charge. ^^Unlimited remote support is included, subject to our full terms. ^^^Subject to our full terms, we will provide unlimited support both on-site and remotely. ***SLA time refers to the amount of time before we start looking at an issue.

What our customers say...

Redwax migrated our Exchange email to their hosted platform and installed a new server to hold our company data to feed a network of 14 computers. They seamlessly switched from our old server to the new one without any disruption to our business. Since it was installed in 2014 it hasn’t missed a beat and has enabled our business to enjoy robust data access and continuous email communications (both mobile and desktop).

Mike Hopkins, MD, Sotrm Geomatics

Redwax have hosted and supported my website since 2010 and I have been very pleased with the service and support.

Susan Lewis, Business Growth Advisor at Nigel Botterill's Entrepreneur's Circle

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