IT Consultant

Businesses of all sizes need advice, guidance and expertise when it comes to planning, implementation and disaster recovery strategies.  We have a proven track record of providing IT Consultancy services to businesses of varying sizes in various sectors.

With the myriad of options available to a business in terms of IT strategy these day, it is often helpful to have a second pair of eyes glancing over a project or an infrastructure.

Sometimes, an IT manager within a business may feel it necessary to reach outside of the organisation for this very reason...a fresh pair of eyes, a different perspective, perhaps a slightly more leading edge expose.

We have been brought into situations by other IT service companies to help them with their clients. Sometimes they just need a little extra guidance, sometimes some high level strategic planning or perhaps some hands-on implementation assistance.

Whilst we can provide IT Consultancy services to businesses across the country, we typically find that most of our clients are in either the Cheltenham and Gloucester areas, or in the South Warwickshire area, though we have worked with companies in London and those with multiple sites around the country.