Custom Built Computer Systems

People sometimes ask....

"Why would I have a custom PC built when I can just go on to the Dell (et al) website and order what I see there?"

Well, there are multiple reasons:

  • "because they sell products that are designed to be highly marketable which often do not meet the very exacting needs of the people buying them, resulting in computing power focused in the wrong areas"
  • "often, you find it overwhelming and really you need some sound advice"
  • "a claim under warranty can involve packing the PC up and returning it for fixing, leaving you without a PC, unless you spent a significant extra lump of cash and opted for the on-site service"
  • "at the end of the warranty, if something goes wrong it can be difficult to fix faults as the parts are can be semi-propritary"
  • "if we provide your IT support, it makes it very difficult having a third-party involved in maintaining the physical IT infrastructure within your business - often businesses ask us to go ahead and invalidate the warranties that came with the PC's because it's a faff, by comparison"
  • "It takes money out of the local economy which you doubtless rely upon to feed your own business!"

Discover the Redwax PC Advantage

Every computer we design and build is unique and matches the needs of the user. This way we ensure that with the available budget, the user is always surprised by the performance and reliability of their new PC. As standard, we:

  • Discuss your requirements with you - no jargon, we promise!
  • Generate a bespoke specification and provide you with a no-obligation quote
  • Source the highest quality components available on the market to ensure ultimate reliability
  • Build your new system using standard off-the-shelf parts that are readily available and therefore easy to replace
  • Rigorously test your new computer both with specialist software in a ‘real-world' fashion, exactly as you would.
  • Provide a minimum of 24 months of on-site (yep, we come to you!) next business day (as a minimum) parts & labour warranty, covering hardware breakdown.

Over a decade of building systems and not a single claim under warranty! Yes, WOW!

What our customers say...

Redwax migrated our Exchange email to their hosted platform and installed a new server to hold our company data to feed a network of 14 computers. They seamlessly switched from our old server to the new one without any disruption to our business. Since it was installed in 2014 it hasn’t missed a beat and has enabled our business to enjoy robust data access and continuous email communications (both mobile and desktop).

Mike Hopkins, MD, Sotrm Geomatics

Redwax have hosted and supported my website since 2010 and I have been very pleased with the service and support.

Susan Lewis, Business Growth Advisor at Nigel Botterill's Entrepreneur's Circle