What can you do to reduce the risk of getting a virus?

Virus ImageGetting a virus can ruin your day/week/year.  Having antivirus software clearly isn't sufficient on it's own though....

We wondered why 99% of all virused computers we saw were running fully up-to-date antivirus software from a variety of vendors.  What's going wrong?  Well, we decided to conduct an experiment...

Stepping back and thinking about it, antivirus software is constantly telling you that 'You Are Protected'.  A very bold statement that turns out to be wrong!  Could it be that people were believing this dis-information and going about their business as if they were indestructible?  Were people really being lulled into a false sense of security?

We removed the AV from some users computers and told them they had no AV.  We told them that the internet was dangerous and that everything they see on it is in some way dodgy until they have proven to themselves that it isn't.  We told them they were at real risk of getting an infection.  We made them totally paranoid about what they might be looking at.  Remember, this is an experiment.

To our surprise (yeah right), we found that the number of infections in the small group went down!!  Yep, because almost evey virus requires the user to do something at some point - our users were super cautious.  Now, we are not suggesting everybody ditches their AV, but for those who say 'I've got anti-virus software and I still got infected, what can I do...?'  Well, here is the answer :-)

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