Removing 'lost' DHCP server from Active Directory

The time may come where you loose a DHCP server and you want to add a new one with the same name to your split-scope for example. You'll get a Role installation error if the old one is still hnging about in AD.  To resolve this, the old DHCP server needs removing from AD using ADSIEdit.  So, fire up AdsiEdit and:

  1. Right click on ADSI Edit and click 'connect to'.
  2. In the connection settings box, enter
    • CN=NetServices,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=YourSubDomain,DC=Your Domain,DC=co,DC=uk (ensuring that the DC parts are equal to your domain) then click ok.
  3. Expand the default naming context and you should see 'CN=DhcpRoot' on the right.
  4. Double click it and check the dhcpServers attribute accurately reflects your setup
  5. Also on the right, check for an entry with the name of your missing DHCP server (in the form CN=server1.yourSubDom.yourdomain.co.uk). and delete it.

You should now find you are good to get the new server authorised!

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