DFS Prestaging Data for faster initial replication

DFSR is great, but simply relying on it replicate all the data from the source to the target is at best optimistic!  Better, is to first copy all the data to the target and then switch on replication - the replication engine will have much less to do and you'll find you are in-sync much more quickly.

In doing this, you must ensure the the files are copied in their entirety, will all permissions and attributes intact, otherwise, you'll have wasted your time doing the copying.  We can use robocopy to do the work for us, using the following command:

Robocopy.exe \\UNCPath\source \\UNCPath\target /b /e /copyall /r:6 /xd dfsrprivate /log:robo.log /tee

This will copy \\UNCPath\source to \\UNCPath\target and copy all attributes,  It will attempt to copy each file including those in-use.  Any file that cannot be copied will be re-attempted 6 time before the next is tried.  In this example, we are excluding 'dfsrprivate' (though you'll likely want to add other folders to this list, such as the recycler folder) and /tee is outputting the progress to the display.

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